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Lifestyle, photography

Colorful Lifestyle Commercial Photoshoot in San Francisco

Lifestyle, photography

There are few things as fun and inspiring to me in this photography world as getting together with other creative small business owners and making photo magic! We feed off of one another’s passion and creativity, and in the end create a product that’s elevated beyond what each of us could come up with individually. To me that’s the truest definition of collaboration!

Working with Pari of De Signature Life was so inspiring! She knew exactly the vibe that she was going for: quirky and colorful! And the outfits/stying were so on point with her brand and the locations we chose. I can’t help but smile when I look at these photos! The color and patterns just sing with happiness and whimsy, and her jewelry is equally creative and beautiful! Find her products online here and follow her instagram for more color inspiration!

Bonus points if you can guess which neighborhood in San Francisco we used for the photo backgrounds! I about died when I found all of these colors so close to each other! (Scroll down to the end of this post for the answer!)

If you guessed that these colorful houses are in the Sunset District of San Francisco, you’re right! Who would have thought that in one of the foggiest and coldest neighborhoods we could find this much color? I guess it makes up for the lack of sunshine 🙂

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