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6 Non-Camera-Related Things Every Wedding Photographer Should Bring to a Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer who typically spends 8 hours running around taking photos on a wedding day, there’s a lot of gear that I bring with me! Of course there are my cameras (2 of them), lenses (4 of my faves), flashes (4 plus 2 backup), light stands (2), and other gear directly related to taking photos (grab my free Gear Guide here with all the camera gear I use); but over my 8 years of photographing weddings I’ve found there are 6 other key items that I bring along with me every single time. Here are a few non-camera-related things I don’t like to be without when I’m photographing a wedding day (the last one is essential):

Shout Wipes

These individually wrapped wipes are perfect for on the go. I stash a few in my camera bag and a few in my fanny pack that I carry around on wedding days. I can’t tell you how useful these are! There always seems to be a moment right before photos when someone realizes they got makeup on their shirt, the dress has a stain, or some food fell in the wrong spot. Then I get to be the hero when I pull one of these bad boys out and wipe the stain right away! So far they’ve worked on all stains I’ve encountered too. They’re also super small and slender so can fit in any pocket or pouch and barely take up any space; major win when you’re hauling so much stuff around constantly like I am!


You just never know when someone’s going to need tissues on a wedding day and I’d hate to have to stop everything and go searching for something to dry a teary eye or stop running makeup. If I’m your photographer you know I’ve got you! Major soccer mom vibes over here because I literally have everything you might need! 😉 These small and portable tissue packs also come in fun colors and patterns, which you know I love. Gotta add a little fun!

Fashion Tape

Yet another super slender thing I can slip in my fanny pack and bust out like a hero when it’s most needed. A dress that keeps slipping, a lapel that won’t stay down? …I’ve got you! You never know when you’ll need a piece of double sided tape! I’ve even used them to hold down paper goods when styling an invitation on a breezy day.


I’m talking bobby pins, safety pins, hair clips…anything of this sort will be helpful! I always carry a few bobby pins, a safety pin, and a few binder clips of different sizes in my camera bag. The bobby pins come in handy when you’re hours into the wedding day and someone’s hair has come partly undone. I’ve had a strap break on a wedding dress right before golden hour photos and a safety pin saved the day! I use all kinds of clips to hold back unruly hair on a super windy day (mine or my clients’ 😂) or binder clips to pin back a dress when it’s hanging to get everything to stay in place for the perfect dress shot.

Styling Flowers

This might be a more controversial thing for other wedding photographers, but for the past few years I’ve been bringing my own styling flowers for detail photos. That way I can ensure that the flowers are there and ready exactly when I am, and I have the right kinds of flowers that will work in the type of detail photos I like to take! I’ve had too many wedding days where the styling flowers arrive way too late or are the wrong type of flower for a flatlay. But since I started bringing my own I’ve been able to start whenever I’m ready and capture epic detail photos for my clients!

I’ll get the colors and floral inspiration ahead of time from the couple or florist, then I buy a small handful of matching flowers from my local flower shop (the day of or day before) and bring them along with me on the wedding day. Then I can cut them up and do whatever I want to them and I know I’ll have exactly what I need! Of course, if I’m photographing a wedding where the couple isn’t using flowers or doesn’t want styled detail photos I’ll either bring other fun details to match the vibe of the wedding day (like these mini disco balls!) or will skip that part if it’s not important to them.

Ear Plugs

I cannot stress this enough! Wedding receptions can be really loud, and when you’re surrounded by loud music every weekend, even if it’s just for an hour, it can damage your hearing. Trust me; I used to work as an occupational health nurse practitioner and certified hearing conservationist. It’s not worth causing lasting damage to your ears, so just take 5 seconds to pop these cute ear plugs in and you’ll be set! Loop ear plugs have been my favorite lately because they’re easy to get in and out really fast (no need to roll or squish like those other foam ear plugs), they have their own case, and come in a variety of colors. (Hey, it doesn’t hurt to make health care fun, right?) Just one more super small thing I tuck into my fanny pack so I have them on me whenever they’re needed. Your future self will thank you!

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