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“Create in Color” Mini Studio Photo Sessions at The Sunlight Space


This year I decided to do something new for my annual fall mini photo sessions- I went super creative and colorful! It’s definitely been on my mind to have fun backdrops and something a little different for my clients (and let’s be honest, it was also for me! haha!), so I worked with Kelsey and Marissa from House of Fete to bring it to life! We had help from a few other creatives, like BooVara Designs (blocks and arch backdrop), Moderne Beauty (hair + makeup), and Apis Floral (flower installations) and together we made colorful creative magic at The Sunlight Space studio in Los Altos, CA! Special thanks to Zinah from Hey Zinah Photography for her help behind the scenes as well!

And of course, I have so much appreciation to my wonderful clients who came out to play around and take some photos this year! Here are a few of the creatives and businesses that are in the photos below so you can check them out!

House of Fete (Kelsey + Marissa)

Hey Zinah Photography

The Spark Joy Box

Rebecca Hass

Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs

Soirée Macarons

+ a few families and pups!

In addition to our 2 main backdrops and seating/furniture options, we had music, snacks, and lots of props! In fact, we had a whole prop table with things to play around with. You can see in the photos that we really liked the retro phones this year 🙂 And some of my clients brought their own props and products to incorporate as well! I hope you enjoy this fun glimpse into my first ever Create in Color Mini Sessions!

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