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Why you should invest in a mentor for your photography business

Has your photography or business plateaued?

If you’re reading this, you might be thinking, “well, I’m not really sure, actually.” And that’s completely fine! So, let’s do a quick check in with ourselves, shall we? 👇

You might be experiencing a plateau if you found your groove and rhythm after that first year or so of excitement (and maybe even terror) of *finally* going after your photography dreams, only to get a bit bored and listless after a while, or confused about what to do next. Or maybe you want to grow but you have no idea where to go from here?

Sound familiar?

Sure, you may have started to make money and may have even booked a handful of clients – but something’s missing and you’re not where you want to be. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but it’s there, right? 

That’s the plateau I’m referring to. We all hit it, we all experience it, and it’s a telltale sign that it’s time to evaluate where to take your photography and your business next. 

When it comes to deciding what the next best move is for yourself and your business, there are two options. Option one is to stay where you are and get really comfy and cozy. But you’re not interested in staying too comfy and cozy, are you? Of course not! You wouldn’t have clicked this blog if you were. So, that brings us to option two, which is to step out of that comfort zone, and grow!

So, if you’re in that plateau, and you feel ready to take your photography business (or hobby) to the next level, it’s probably time to invest in a photography mentor. I know, you’ve heard that one a time or two, right? But I’m serious – plateaus weren’t made to be endured alone. We photographers will always have skills we need to add to our repertoire, or business practices to learn and improve upon! 

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Here are 5 ways a mentor can transform your photography business:

1. By teaching you the specific skills you want to learn

There’s something to be said about learning from an actual human you know and trust, instead of Google. Ideally, the person you choose to invest in as a mentor will have already blazed the path ahead by learning special skills, tips and tricks – all of which they can easily share with you!

So, things like shooting in harsh light, editing in Lightroom, shooting in aperture mode, shooting in full manual mode, or having no idea what aperture even means – those all fall within the safe and happy confines of the knowledge you can gain from your very own photography mentor!

The best thing about having a personal mentor is that they can meet you where you are, and teach you exactly what it is you need and want to learn! It’s a personalized, one-on-one experience – unlike most classes, workshops or online courses. 

2. Through hands-on help

Really, your entire photography business is run by being hands-on. (That’s kind of the point, right?) This means that it’s highly likely that you would also benefit from a hands-on educational experience!

A personal mentor can literally and figuratively hold your hand along the way, and show you in person exactly what you need to do and know.

I personally offer a service where I go with my mentees to their photoshoots, so they have someone with them to help in the moment! Talk about immediate and hands-on help, am I right? The goal in investing in a personal photography mentor is to never feel alone. If you ask me, that’s worth every penny.

3. With real life business advice

Your photography mentor will have been there, and done that.  This means that it is really important to select a mentor who embodies who you want to be as you continue to grow as a photographer and business owner. By selecting the right person for your goals, you’ll be able to learn from someone who has a solid roadmap to show how they got from A to Z! 

There’s a ton of information out there on the internet, and not all of it is right for you and where you are in your journey. Your mentor will be able to give you real life, proven advice that has *actually* worked! They’ll also have stories to share of what doesn’t work – and in my book, that’s just as valuable.

4. By connecting you to a community and other resources

Not only is a photography mentor a wealth of information, but they can also introduce you to other people in the industry or photography community! Your mentor can create connections for you, and bring you into their circle. They can open up doors and opportunities for you!

(AKA, they’ll be that friend that introduces you to a ton of other friends.)

5. By being your hype person and sounding board 

I know how lonely it can be to be a solopreneur in the photography world! After learning and growing on your own for several months or years, it can be easy to forget just how necessary it is to have someone you trust to bounce ideas off of, or gain encouragement from. 

So, those times where you’ve found yourself at a shoot, or sitting in your office, desperately in need of someone else’s opinion? Those are the times to reach out to your mentor! (And not your potted plants – at least not anymore 👀)

Are you ready to grow your business by investing in a photography mentor?

I’m excited to share that I’m accepting mentees for my Photography Mentorship Program! Click here to read more about the program and learn about my other resources for photographers!

I can’t wait to help you transform your photography and business!

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