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A Spring Inspired San Francisco City Hall Wedding

photography, Weddings

Hilde and Nick met when they were in college in Washington, but it just so happened that they were going to separate schools on opposite sides of the state! Somehow they managed to make the long distance work all through college, only seeing each other 2 weekends a month, and on holidays and vacations. But since graduation, they’ve been inseparable and sometimes they still stay up all night talking!

Hilde and Nick are the kind of people who see the positive side and embrace the joy of life! And that was abundantly clear on their wedding weekend when they had to tackle a series of random challenges right before their San Francisco elopement, like not having a suit for Nick to wear, or dealing with Hilde’s new shoes that broke on the morning of the wedding!

But you know what? Despite all the craziness of the weekend, they were able to find Nick a suit and get it tailored and ready to wear for the wedding, they found the perfect bridal bouquet already made and just sitting waiting for them at a flower stand (from The Bud Stop), and they made so many memories that will always make them smile when they think of the craziness of their wedding weekend in San Francisco! Plus they kept smiling and laughing the whole way through!

As Hilde said, “It goes to show things don’t have to be perfect for it to still be amazingly fun!” So enjoy these two and their joyful and colorful one-of-a-kind San Francisco city hall wedding! There will never be another like it! (And read on to see some ways that we managed to get around the shoe obstacle for photos!)


That “about to be married” look! <3


We simulated some walking photos by having them take just one step (with the good shoe)!


These socks! Haha! 😛


In a lot of the full length photos we subtly hid the shoe that was missing a strap. You’d never know!


Yes to dancing barefoot any day!!


I loved their color choices and how they all went together so well with the last minute bouquet they found (as well as her stunning subtly pink engagement ring)!


Hilde & Nick: Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day and marriage! I was inspired by the joy and love you showed each other throughout the day and the way you embraced the challenges that you faced! May your enthusiasm for life and each other bring you many fun adventures and endless happiness!

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