Lightroom Presets

Add a pop of color + brightness to your photos with the Create in Color Lightroom presets, workflow, and editing education!

Includes the exact Lightroom presets and process that I use to edit my own photos, along with 8 educational videos where I walk you through how to use the presets and how to edit in all kinds of lighting scenarios with different subjects!

A colorful editing Lightroom workflow with presets + a full hour of editing education!


Location Guides

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27 of my favorite photography locations east of San Francisco

east bay
location guide


Transform your photography with curated, scouted, and photographer approved locations all over the San Francisco Bay Area!

These location guides are for photographers, hobbyists, influencers, and anyone else who likes a great photo backdrop! Each guide comes with 20+ locations, an interactive Google map, highlights of each area, example photos, expert guidance on when to go/what to wear, and other location-specific tips!

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San Francisco location guide

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27 of my favorite photography locations in San Francisco


North Bay Location Guide

South Bay Location Guide

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WHimsical photo art

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Photo Art

A gallery filled with whimsical, colorful, & joyful art by Sarah Eichstedt!

Browse the collections (everything from Fun With Food, to Retro Spring, Color Pop, Simply Fall, and Summer Feel), and create your own wall art or purchase prints for your home or office. We could all use a little more happy in our lives!

Custom wall art + prints!
Photos by Sarah Eichstedt