I'm Sarah: an Oakland (California) based photographer!

I'm a natural born optimist and I literally smile behind the camera! I believe in finding joy in the everyday, that real emotions are better than perfectly posed, and that less is more. I freak out (in a good way!) over white walls, whimsical details, and pops of color. I overuse exclamation points (sorry not sorry), have a strange obsession with farm animals (how are llamas so weirdly cute?), and could eat brunch every day of the week!

I've also been a critical care nurse for 12 years, and I love how I get to combine both my creative and analytical brains with my work! Plus you'd be surprised how much nursing and photography have in common (ask me about it sometime)!
I'll never shy away from a new project, but some of my favorite things to photograph are intimate weddings, colorful fashion/details, and joyful lifestyle/portrait sessions. You can bet that I'll do my best to get to know the real you and that I won't be afraid to make a fool of myself trying to get you to laugh! That split second when you forget that you're being photographed and just react is the moment where the magic happens!

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