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This is where I share some of my favorite photo sessions along with little pieces of me. Grab a warm cup of tea, get cozy on the couch, and enjoy a glimpse into my life!





As a photographer, the ultimate compliment is having a fellow photographer ask me to take his/her photos! (See here and here) Especially when it’s someone as amazing as Emily Kim Photography, who specializes in brand photography! Emily reached out because she was refreshing her brand (new logo, colors, and updated website), had recently started a […]

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Have you ever taken one look at someone, and just absolutely fallen in love with everything about them? (And no, don’t think about your partner – that’s cheating!) As a photographer, I get to work with many people, in many stages of their lives. And many times I’m falling in love with every bit of […]

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Creative Colorful Lifestyle Brand Photography

I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with Kim Pirring on a retro summer photoshoot earlier this year (and we had the BEST time, by the way!), so when she pitched me this idea for a 90s slumber party shoot filled with fun accessories, silly moments, and soft pops of color, you bet I […]

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This photoshoot was about half a year in the making! It was rained out once and hailed on the second date we chose. Yes, you read that right…hail…in the San Francisco Bay Area! It’s only hailed twice in the 12 years I’ve lived here and it pretty much never storms! Ugh. But thank goodness persistence […]

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It’s no secret that I absolutely love working with other business owners and people in creative industries! (See here, and here!) I find that the process of working together to bring a brand to life is inspiring and motivating, and I literally can’t stop smiling behind the camera! This, my friends, is true synergy, where the […]

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There are few things as fun and inspiring to me in this photography world as getting together with other creative small business owners and making photo magic! We feed off of one another’s passion and creativity, and in the end create a product that’s elevated beyond what each of us could come up with individually. […]

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