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You probably already know by now that I’m in love with color and fun, whimsical details; it’s what makes me happy, and I try to surround myself with all things happy! 🙂 And you may also know that I got married last year and have been sharing some of the unique vendors and wedding planning […]

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February 21, 2019

There’s nothing more attractive to me than the man I love in a well-fitted suit! So for our wedding day you can bet we put just as much effort into finding the right suit for Brandon as we did for my dress! Okay, maybe almost as much effort 😉 Because let’s be honest, it’s just […]

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October 21, 2018

At the risk of sounding cliché, planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times! There’s all this societal pressure to do things a certain way, and sometimes what we think we’re “supposed” to do can get in the way of what we want to do! But I’m here to say, “don’t let it!” Do you! […]

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June 24, 2018

When Brandon and I became engaged in the fall of last year, we knew that we wanted a unique engagement ring! One thing that I told him when I hinted at our future, was that I wanted my engagement/wedding ring to tell a story. I wanted it to tell our story! So when he proposed […]

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April 18, 2018

When I look back at my photography business in a few years, I think I’m going to find that this workshop was a turning point for me. I’m not a professionally trained photographer by any means. I started by watching You Tube videos, reading articles, attending free webinars, and practicing, practicing, practicing! This is the […]

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April 25, 2017

Let’s face it. You’ve heard a lot about gluten lately. That may be partly due to trend, but it can also be attributed to the increase in prevalence and diagnosis of celiac disease, an autoimmune disease triggered by the ingestion of gluten. For those of us with celiac disease, gluten (a protein found in wheat, […]

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March 28, 2017