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Engagements/Couples, photography

Legion of Honor + Marin Engagement | San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Engagements/Couples, photography

Sometimes you get a feeling about people-a feeling that you’ll instantly get along and have lots to talk about. Well, the first time I spoke with these two on the phone I definitely had that feeling! From the fact that they’re both about to become nurses, to their love of travel and adventure, I knew that we would have a blast together! (And we definitely did!) They were game for wandering over rugged terrain in dress clothes and even got into the ocean despite the freezing cold at the end of the session! Extra bonus points! 🙂

When we started planning for their engagement session, we shared ideas back and forth and were able to work together to create this unique session that rings true to who they are. In all my engagement sessions I try to ensure that the photos bring out each couple’s personality, whether it be silly, serious, romantic, quirky, or anything else, and these guys did such a great job of just being themselves and enjoying the evening together!

Choosing locations is one of my favorite parts of engagement photo planning and I love to come up with new locations that fit each of my couples! The clean backdrop of the Legion of Honor Museum (pictured here) was the perfect spot for this pop of red and black that screams elegance and gives an almost editorial vibe. We ended up going on a day that the museum was actually closed, but I’ll tell you a secret-you can actually still access a small part of it, which is perfect for a couples photoshoot AND you don’t have to fight with crowds of people or edit out anyone from the photos later! Double win! 🙂

For the second half of the session we headed to Marin for that gorgeous California coastline and a little more of an outdoor/rugged feel. Keep scrolling to see the view and how perfectly her dress compliments the landscape!

And now on to Marin to a spot that I found randomly while out exploring one evening. I’m always on the lookout for my next photoshoot location!

She was such a trooper with the wind and cold (and hiking in heels)!

Cynthia + Tomás: Thank you for adventuring with me despite the cold and wind, and for being overall awesome people and nurses (so soon)! (And for the wonderful meal and chatting late into the night!) I can’t wait to welcome you to the profession and celebrate your marriage next year!


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