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April 25, 2017

Review of Walk Through a Wedding Workshop with Justin & Mary Marantz

When I look back at my photography business in a few years, I think I’m going to find that this workshop was a turning point for me. I’m not a professionally trained photographer by any means. I started by watching You Tube videos, reading articles, attending free webinars, and practicing, practicing, practicing! This is the first major workshop that I’ve attended (hopefully more to come!) and the first major investment (other than gear) in my business and creative growth. I remember I was on the fence about spending the money, and it was about 10 minutes before midnight which was when the registration deal was going to end. I said to my boyfriend, Brandon, “Should I do it?” And he said “Yes!” That was all I needed to push me over the edge and commit! And man, am I glad that I did!


For anyone who doesn’t know, the Walk Through a Wedding Workshop is put on by two of the best wedding photographers in the business: Justin & Mary Marantz. They host a small group of photographers for 2 days at their own house in Connecticut, where long hours are spent discussing all aspects of the wedding photography business, from technical shooting to the nitty gritty of taxes, outsourcing, and business growth. You name it, and we covered it! There was also a gorgeous homemade welcome dinner, 3 different styled shoots where we tackled tough lighting situations, and personal attention throughout!

And let me tell you about the wonderful photographers I met there! So many inspiring people from all over the country! It was so great to hear everyone’s struggles, triumphs, and heart behind their businesses! The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals in this business and creating community can’t be overstated. Plus, we all cried together…for real. And I think I started that crying train… haha! Who would have thought the “why” behind my business would lead to that? Self-reflection can be such a great thing. (Check out my “About” page to see the heart I discovered behind my own photography business!)

So I guess what I’m trying to say is this: an investment in yourself is always a good one! And this workshop was particularly inspiring! You could just feel the honesty and heart behind why Justin & Mary do what they do. Not only that, but they let you know HOW they do it, and they help you to get there too! This girl is seriously inspired!


I’ll leave you with some photos from the workshop and hope they inspire you too!









If you’re in Connecticut, make sure to check out these wonderful people who made this styled magic happen!

Venue: Chamard Vineyards

Flowers: Carrie Wilcox Floral Design

Hair Styling: Leia Gossett

Dress: A Little Something White

Cake: Lovely Cakes

Linens: La Tavola Linen

Rentals: Abbey Tent & Party Rentals

Bride & Groom Models: Erin & Peter of Daphne & Dean Wedding Photography

Bridesmaid Models: Becca of Chris & Becca Photography, and Rebecca of RME Hair Design

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